Rent a Bakkie in Gauteng

Rent a bakkie in the Gauteng region for moving furniture or other large loads that cannot be transported in the limited space of a normal passenger vehicle. Many people need the services of a company that hires out bakkies and more often than not it is to help transport furniture in the process of moving house or flat. Often the loads are not enough to justify renting a truck or removal van and a large pick-up truck is all that may be needed to make several trips and carry larger items from one place to the next.

Companies offering rent a bakkie services in Gauteng not only keep vehicles available for removal purposes but also heavy duty vehicles for off-road travelling such as 4×4’s. Toyota and Nissan 4×4 bakkies are popular among enthusiasts in the country and many potential buyers like to really test a vehicle in the field before they may buy one from a dealer. In this case it is a great idea to find a company that hires these vehicles out on a regular basis to the general public.

Prices are usually a bit higher than they are for renting out a small passenger vehicle but all insurances can be arranged as normal with the company a person chooses to deal with. Many have a selection between short wheel base, long wheel base, single cab and double cab models to suit a persons requirements for the job at hand or other reason a vehicle is needed. Whether you are moving to a new house or apartment and need a vehicle to transport large items or looking to buy a particular 4×4 and would like to test the model in the field, there are many respectable companies that offer the opportunity for the public to rent a bakkie in the Johannesburg, Pretoria and other regions of Gauteng.